How should I manage scoliosis?

See a doctor. You first need to have a specialist evaluate the size of the curve and possibly any other reasons for the curve. Then, depending on how mild or severe the curve is there are many options. Thy range from exercise and stretching, to brace wear, and if severe and progressive, surgery.
Be seen . Many cases of scoliosis do not require treatment and then some do. Do not hesitate to be seen by a specialist to discuss your specific case and whether treatment is indicated.
For most at . For most at your age, there is no specific management. The risk of progression is low if the curve is less than 50 degrees. However, curves that may involve the lower back can lead to back pain due to increased risk of degeneration. Avoid obesity, bone density loss & smoking while exercising regularly to maintain a "healthy" back through flexibility, core strengtheening & cardiovascular routine.