What should be done for high levels of protein in urine?

High urine protein. To treat high proteinuria (p), you need to get a diagnosis. The first step is to have a 24 hour urine collection to assess kidney function and quantify the p/day. Blood work will also need to be taken to arrive at a diagnosis. If the p is due to a type of glomerulonephritis, certain drugs can be given to treat it. If the p is due to diabetes, certain drugs such as ace-i's are used to lower the p.
Kidney problem. This can be sign of significant kidney problem....See your doc.

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If one has high levels of protein in urine, what can be done to decrease it (diabetic)?

Bs and bp control. To prevent progression of kidney disease, blood sugars and blood pressure should be kept well controlled. A medication in the ace or arb family of BP meds is generally recommended even if the blood pressure is normal.
Control blood pressu. High urinary protein caused by diabetes can be controlled by several means. Very good blood pressure control and diabetes control is important. In addition specific drugs called angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors are useful.

What are possible causes of high levels of protein in urine?

See Nephrologist. 3 levels of protein in urine: microalbuminuria--less than 300 mg a day tubular--300-1000 mg a day nephrotic--more than 3500 if there is blood in the urine you may have a glomerulonephritis and this may be a very serious condition that causes rapid loss of kidney function. In general the more protein in the urine the worse the prognosis. There are too many diagnosis to list. You need a workup.

What does foam in urine mean! Can protein in urine be high even if cretanine is ok. What can be done to lower protein. Thanks.

Big picture. Most foam on the urine is mucin and means nothing. Most mild to moderate priteinuria is from being a person who gets protein in the urine from standing up and is a non-problem. Your physician can sort this out.
Urine. Appearance is variable. A urinalysis is needed for measurement of protein, sugar, blood etc.

My bun was a 10 and my creatine was 0.8. Could I still have kidney failure or would those levels have to be high? I have protein in urine regularly!

Not Likely. Those are healthy kidney numbers. However, you can have other causes of proteinuria or renal insufficiency and should follow up with a nephrologist or your regular doctor.