How long after laparoscopy gallbladder surgery can I fly?

3-5 daya. If things go well during surgery and you are felling ok, there are no real issues about flying. I would ask your doctor first, however, if he / she is ok with it.
Passenger? pilot? I have had patients (mostly students) who fly home to family the same day or the next day after surgery. I generally tell my patients who pilot planes to "stay grounded" until they don't need pain medications to be comfortable. You most certainly cannot fly if you are on narcotics prescribed after surgery.

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Have irritated or damaged nerve or nerves from having laparoscopy gallbladder surgery what is the best way to cure this problem?

Are you sure? Laparoscopy doesn't damage nerves during removal of the gall bladder. What makes you think that happened? I have done hundreds of these procedures and never heard of nerve damage as a side effect or complication of this procedure. Read more...

I had gallbladder surgery in 2010 using laparoscopy. Why would my surgeon use staples when I hear everyone else had dissolve stitches?

Style and preference. for the deeper layers of the incision dissolvable stitches were probably used. Usually the skin later can be closed with either staples or stitches (dissolvable or non-dissolveable). As long as the nondissolveable stitches or staples are removed in about a week, there really isn't a difference in cosmetic outcome. Sometimes staples or stitches are kept in longer depending on the location . Read more...