What medications are typically used for scoliosis?

None. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. There are no medications that can treat or prevent it. If someone has pain related to a scoliosis it is usually due to degeneration of a disc or facet joint. Pain can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications if ok with your primary md.
None. Medication is not useful for the changing the curve. If the curve is painful, standard medications (acetaminophen, arthritis medicine, non-narcotic pain relievers) can be helpful.
Symptomatic. Since there are no medications that have any affect on the scoliosis curve itself, medications are typically just used to treat symptoms that may arise from scoliosis. These can include medications that treat pain (pain medications), anti inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, and neurological medications. Don't hesitate to be seen and discuss with a specialist.