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Where can I buy orudis kt?

OTC. Orudis kt (also known as ketoprofen) is available over the counter.
Not OTC. I believe the manufacturer took Orudis off the counter years ago and is no longer available over the count. Rx may be the only way to get it now.

Is orudis kt still available?

NO. In august, 2005, following the fda's decision to order changes to warnings on NSAID packaging, wyeth pharmaceuticals informed the fda that it would discontinue manufacturing Orudis kt. In 2006, the fda issued a statement that Orudis kt was "not withdrawn from sale for reasons of safety or effectiveness." wyeth has not spoken openly about its decision to withdraw Orudis kt from the market.

Ketoprofen or orudis, how well do they help pain?

Very. Thesse are prescription nsaids, which is the same class as meloxicam, ibporofen, meloxican, nabumetone, etodolac, and many others. They are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic, .

What med orudis retard or celebra vhen daily using have arthrit. In sweden. Artros?

Which NSAID? Orudis (ketoprofen), retard (diclofenac 100mg extended release) and celebra (celecoxib) are all non-steroidal medication. Celebra is a cox ii specific version which has less effect on platelet function (less bleeding tendency) and somewhat less GI irritation which can be good for some patients. All of the nsaids can cause increased risk of heart attack, stroke, high BP and blood clots. Ask ur doc.