What are epidermal cysts of the scrotum?

Cysts. Under the dermis of the scrotum there are cells trapped that form keratin. This builds up in a benign cyst. They can get infected and cause problems but are usually simply unsightly.

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Tell me what epidermal cysts of the scrotum are?

Implanted epidermal. Cells into dermis of skin from trauma or surgery which then multiply. Can also be due to a blocked hair follicle in scrotal skin. They are almost always benign, & hard rather than soft. Treatment is surgical excision by a urologist, general surgeon or a surgical dermatologist. Do not worry. Good luck. Read more...

Can you tell me what epidermal cysts of the scrotum are?

It is ... It's a common scrotal skin harmless disorder, also called sebaceous cyst or epidermal inclusion cyst. So, there is no need for their removal. But, surgical intervention may be needed for cosmetic reasons or its related infection, etc. For detail, ask Doc timely. Read more...