What jewelry can I get with a smiley piercing that can reduce gum/tooth damage?

None. Expect damage to teeth requiring expensive restorations. Expect damage to gums/bone with resultant recession. Expect increased risk of infection and trauma that can lead to facial scarring.
NONE!!! I urge you to choose to perhaps pierce a different area of your body. Some problems that can result from oral piercing are: infection fractured or chipped teeth swelling pain scarring tooth loss gum damage loss of taste mouth sores the most common dental problems caused by oral piercing are fractured teeth and infection. Its simply a bad choice.
Basically None. All jewelry has a portion that hung on the internal portion of your lip, this causes damage to either teeth or mucosa.
Mouth jewelry . Mouth jewelry often breaks molars and does cause gum damage. I have seen many patients have their jewelry removed once they experience the pain of breaking a molar or the expense of paying more than $1, 000 for a crown to fix it.
HMMMM. Anything like this you place will collect bacteria/plaque and may damage teeth and gums especially if you bump into something. If you are concerned about your teeth and gums i would not have this placed;buyer beware.