Is triazolam used for wisdom teeth extractions?

Sometimes. Triazolam is a quick acting drug with a short duration that is sometimes used to reduce anxiety prior to some medical procedures such as extraction of third molars. Your oral surgeon should review your sedation options with you prior to your extraction visit.
Anxiety management. Yes, wisdom teeth are often removed with an anti-anxiety drug, like triazolam. Your dds/dmd should have taken a qualifying course that is approved by a state board of examiners. You will always need a family member or friend to escort to and from the appointment. They also must be on hand for the next 24hours after your visit. No recreational drugs or alcohol. Period.
Sometimes. More often, sedation is administered through the veins. This way the oral surgeon can ensure that you are comfortable and there will be more control over the level of sedation involved. Triazolam is a sleeping pill that relaxes you. It is used more by general dentist.
Can be used. Triazolam is generally used for what is called "non-intravenous conscious sedation". It produces a similar effect to the medication used for sedation using an I.V., but is slower to titrate to the proper effect. It also produces an amnesiac effect, which is beneficial, especially after 3rd. Molar extractions.