What happens during and after a scoliosis surgery?

Improved curve... Muscles and ligaments are dissected from length of spine; screws are placed into the spinal pedicles, and titanium rods are crosslinked to the screws, thereby straightening the curve. Recovery then takes about 4-5 days in hospital, verying time aft going hoem.
Varies. There are a lot of resources that tell very detailed info about scoliosis, even to the point of live videos of the surgery itself. Nothing replaces actually sitting down with your surgeon and having all your questions answered, because there are variations in the surgical techniques and postop protocols that surgeons use. Thank you for your question.
During surgery you. Are carefully monitored in terms of all your vital signs like breathing including your spinal cord function while making sure your blood loss is minimized & you are kept warm. You are given fluids & antibiotics which continue after surgery with blood drawn to check on things while given pain medication & physical therapy to get moving with lung exercises & measures to minimize blood clots.

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Please help! What happens during, and after the scoliosis surgery?

Varies. There are several types of scoliosis surgeries, so I certainly would discuss with your surgeon. That being said, most scoliosis surgeries involve placing some form of instrumentation into the spine which is then used to straighten the spine and hold it in a corrected position until it heals. It is not a small surgery by any means, but in a young, healthy person they can do remarkably well.