How willbeing sedated for a dental procedure feel?

Patients are relaxed. Relaxed, sleepy and calm... Sometimes sedation makes it possible for a patient who would avoid dental treatment to have their treatment done. If this is the case, sedation can be a big benefit, as fear of the dentist has cost so many people their teeth. Sedation (sleep) dentistry is helping patients to have dental care.
You will. Feel sleepy and relaxed. Hopefully not too dizzy or nauseated. Sedation is used to make the procedure less unpleasant.
Very pleasant. Iv sedation makes an unpleasant situation very pleasant. Most of my patirnts desire sedation for this reason. Sedation prevents you from remembering the procedure as well. Highly recommended.
Sedation. It depends in the level of sedation. If you are undergoing conscious sedation, you will be very drunk with slurred speech. You may or may not remember all that you say or remember what happened, but you will be able to respond to commands or stimuli. If you are completely sedated you will be completely out and will not remember anything of what happened.