Can you explain hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is delivered in a chamber. It can be single person chamber or a multiplace chamber. 100% oxygen is delivered within the chamber under pressures equal to 2 to 2.5 atmospheres of pressure depending on the medical problem that you physician is treating. This is equal to 33 feet of seawater in pressure. The treatments last two to 2.5 hours; they are done daily.
Concentrated Oxygen . Hyperbaric oxygen (hbo) is a treatment designed to deliver high concentrations of oxygen to very specific types of wounds. The patient is placed in a pressurized chamber (2x room pressure) which dissolves o2 into the plasma to help kill bacteria, maintain circulation to damaged tissue and reduce swelling. There are only a few proven indications for therapy (see uhms.Org).
O2 Rx Under Pressure. Hyperbaric oxygenation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or hbo rx is use of oxygen in a pressure chamber 2 treat certain medical conditions. Although used 4 over a century & proven effective 4 decompression sickness 4 decades, the science, physiology & pharmacology of hbo rx has developed only recently. It is complicated, but it works 4 some medical coditions. Misuse has been common. Dr. Mike.