How does an osteopath help in sciatica?

Muscle. Sciatica can be caused by nerve impingement due to tight muscles. If this is the cause, an osteopathic physician can help. With certain techniques, the physician can help decrease the muscle tone and hopefully alleviate some of the symptoms.
Manipulation . An osteopath can manipulate the tissue/joints to help with sciatica. You may also be taught done stretches that will help.
Depends. It depends. They would need to do an exam and find what needs to be done and then talk to you about the treatment options.
Osteopathic Eval. Some osteopathic physicians do manipulation to see if a vertebrae is dislocated and he/she can offer treatment by trying to correct the pathology. If this does not help, it could be pathology in your spine that needs to be further evaluation. Recommend seeing a pain/spine specialist.
Just like any other. Doctor can in helping to manage care with medication, prescribing physical therapy or even pain management like epidural steroid injections while educating the patient about this diagnosis. In addition, an osteopath can also provide manipulative therapy as well when indicated.