What are the differences among CT scans, MRI scans and myelograms?

Myleogram. Ct myleogram is a better postop test then mrimyleogram invasive contrast in spinal canal MRI noninvasive.
Scans. Typically, ct scans are used to view bone and cerebral bleeding, mris are used to view tissues and myelograms are used to look forn a narrowing of the vertebral canal. Cts and myelograms utilized radiation much like xrays do while mris do not. However, mris use a giant magnet so any patient with a magnetic metal in their body cannot get an mri.
Well they. Are completely different tests. Ct scan uses huge doses of xrays to make an image. 10 ct scans is a very large dose of xrays equivelant to the dose received by the survivor of the hiroshima bomb. Really true! mris use no ionixing radiation but require you hold still. For brain and spine imaging it is superior. Myelograms inject a dye and take pictures and ct - this is invasive and dangerous.
For the spine? Myelogram is performed after injecting contrast material in the sac around the spinal cord.This finds areas of narrowing and disc herniation.Ct is often done after myelogram to improve sensitivity. Mri of the spine does not require injection of contrast material in the thecal sac and can detect herniations, narrowing of the canal and cord compression-but some can't have MRI so ct myelogram is done.