Do you inject a dye into the body for a myelogram? Where?

Spine. A tiny needle is used to inject radioopaque contrast dye into the lumbar spinal sac which is filled with spinal fluid.
Yes - in the back. A myelogram injects dye inside the spinal sac. This injection can be done at any part of the spine (neck, midback, or low back). It is safest to perform it in the low back.
No worries . A myelogram is a common diagnostic study that most patients tolerate well. The physician will place you on a flouroscopy table, prep your lower back, inject a local anesthetic, place a needle in your back, inject dye, remove the needle, place a bandaid and summon the radiology tech to take x-rays. Then you will have a ct. You will be observed for several hours and be discharged.