Will acupuncture relieve lumbar pain?

It can. Acupuncture can be a good adjunctive treatment to low back pain. Make sure you have first seen your physician for an evaluation and diagnosis. When acupucnture is done in conjunction with other appropriate treatment options, i.e. Physical therapy, core strengthening exercises as well as proper posture, ergonomics, maintaining ideal body weight etc it can be quite helpful.
It is one of several. This is one of several types of therapies that may have some benefit for pain relief in the lower back due to juscular pain, degeneration or even herniations of discs. If it does not give relief within 12 treatments, then it is not going to help.
Often it can. Acupuncture can be excellent for lumbar pain. Recommend that you see your physician or orthopedist to evaluate for cause of pain. Surgery is sometime indicated. One of the things I treat most often is lumbar pain with sciatica. It often responds well to acupuncture with e-stim. Pens treatment or circle the dragon.
Yes. There is an old method use to relief backpain know it compurize to be used for pain called p stem. Look it up.