What is anesthesia therapy for a lower lumbar herniated disc?

General anesthesia. If you are having surgery such as lumbar laminectomy, discectomy, and/or fusion, you will recieve general anesthesia. However, a herniated disc does not always require surgery and is dependent on your symptoms and treatments. Physical therapy, epidural steroids, and/or oral pain medications are often sufficient treatment of symptoms of a hernieated disc.
Spinal injections. A pan management specialist might suggest the use of a steroid injection into your epidural space to decrease the swelling of the herniated disc. This can relieve the pressure on the nerve and improve your symptoms.
General Anesthesia. Anesthesia is technically not a therapy in that anesthesia is only used to facilitate pain free surgery. For a repair of a lower lumbar herniated disc a general anesthetic is required.
Epidural steroids. Are one option, surgery is another, pt, stretching and non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications are also very helpful.