Does a lumbar disc herniation cause tingling/throbbing sensations in the back and neck?

Not the neck. Lumbar nerves do not go up from the lumbar area.
Nof or neck. No for the neck yes for the back lumbar herniations dont cause neck symptoms the stress of pain can.

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Could a lumbar disc herniation cause tingling/throbbing sensations in the back and neck?

Only in low back. Lumbar disc does not cause any neck symptoms. In the low back it can depending on which nerve roots it pinches in the back.

Can a lumbar disc herniation cause tingling in the back and neck?

NO. A lumbar disc herniation will not cause tingling in the neck. In the cervical spine there is the spinal cord and nerve roots that supply the upper extremities. A disc herniation will not affect the spinal cord or cervical nerve roots. It may result in lower back pain. If lumbar nerve root is compressed/ irritated then you may experience pain, numbness and tingling of the lower extremities.
Disc. A disc herniation in the lumbar spine will not typically cause tingling in the neck. There can be some "tingling" in the low back and/or your legs with a lumbar disc herniation, in addition to pain in the low back or leg (s).

Hi I am 24 my job is fym coach and I have lumbar disc herniation I would like I be informed adout what kind of problems could this cause to me life;?

Neuropathy vs minor. Depends on extent of disc hern., may get numbness down leg[neuropathy] or may have low back pain; use good body mechanics, no jerky awkward moves, stay aligned, limit heavy lifting; if bowel or bladder changes acute maybe emergency worsening. Using excedrin/aleve /tylenol good for moderate pain. No smoking. Keep weight normal. See orthopedic to see extent, get physical therapist, may resolve in tim.

What exercises and spinal positions should I avoid if I have a lumbar disc herniation?

Several. Generally, you're going to want to avoid high impact exercises as they may worsen the herniation. Avoid rapid starts and stops. Emphasize exercises that gently stretch, like yoga, and remember to respect your body; when something causes you pain, don't do it. I would also strongly advise seeing someone who specializes in this type of problem. You need to fix it and not make it worse.
Depends. This can depend on how the disc herniated. In general, you want to avoid any one position too long except a fetal one. Twisting & bending could make you feel worse. Avoiding rowing, raquel sports and golf as well as weight lifting especially squats & dead lifts would be prudent. Generally, cardiovascular exercises & stretching should be ok but check to see which may aggravate your symptoms.

What typically happens with my lumbar disc herniation, if I don't go to see a doctor?

It usually heals. Most lumbar disc herniations tend to heal on their own. Anti-inflammatory medication and traction type of therapy often helps to relieve the pain. The herniated disc often takes up to 3 months to heal. Seek medical attention if there is progressive pain, inability to walk, numbness, weakness, or any changes with bowel/bladder function.
Improvementwith time. Mamy reabsorb and pain eases over timewweakness or bowl and bladder changes or permanent numbness severe pain foot drop warrant an eva quicklyl.

What is a iR 100 custom procedure exactly? I'm supposed to schedule on for my lumbar disc herniation L5-S1. Curious about actual details of procedure.

Back pain. Ask your surgeon to explain the procedure using your MRI studies, models of the spine, and brochures. Risks, benefits, and alternative treatments should be discussed as part of the informed consent. IR stands for interventional radiology. Apparently, a radiologist is perfoming your procedure. It is reasonable to ask how many of these procedures has her/she performed and the expected recovery.