What is the recommended exercise for disc prolapse and disc herniation?

Many possibilities. There are many exercises for disc disease. Some include stretching-lying on your back and pulling one knee to the chest and repeat with the other; strengthening-see my back exercise health guide for tips; reverse arch push ups-doing push ups but not with a rigid back instead arching your back backwards. Consult with your doctor or physical therapist for the best exercises for your condition.
Careful exercise. Start by avoiding prolonged positioning & repetitive twist or bend maneuvers. If you had physical therapy, resume those exercises. Use of otc medication will help control symptoms. Cardiovascular workouts may help except for rowing & maybe running. If you did not have pt, you may want to get a session to learn core exercises. Weight control & not smoking are key. Time is biggest healer.

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Are there exercises for disc prolapse and disc herniation?

Yes. There are exercises for patients with disc issues. Most deal with core abdominal strengthening and may also help with flexibility. There are different programs, such as mckenzie, that aim to help the back and leg pain. Before starting a program, check with your spine specialist for what is best and safe for your particular issue. Read more...
Yes. Most get better nonop and a lot are seen on studies and noted to be incidental findings not causing pain. Exercise is beneficial of any type but specific flexibility and core strengthening programs combined with cardiovascular ones are best for this issue on a regular basis. Read more...