What are the causes of bowel and bladder dysfunction in a person with low back pain?

See below. Bowel or bladder dysfunction is what we consider a red flag, meaning there is the potential for a serious problem in the spine. It can mean compression of the lower spinal cord or multiple nerves in the lumbar spine. It can be seen with very large disc herniations as well as some other conditions that can cause nerve compression. If you have these symptoms, you should see your doctor right away.
Could be serious. Back pain with bowel or bladder dysfunction (i.e. Incontinence) could indicate a serious nerve impingement or compression of the nerves that leave the spinal column, or of the spinal column itself. This could be a serious condition and should be checked by your physician immediately.
Various. My study of 20 young skateboarders with ibs & sacroiliac (sij) disorder found in all. Pelvic ligament laxity was diagnosed by occupational disabilities guidelines criteria. My theory is that sij subluxation irritates pelvic parasympathetics, stimulating both bladder and colon muscle stimulation. See complete discussion on my chronic pain board at quora. Com.

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Lower back pain when awaken or get up from rest predominately worse when bladder or bowel need emptying?

Need more info. The symptoms you describe can be cause by diet, physical activity (not enough) or a colon problem or spinal nerve problem. You need to consult with your family physician and get an exam to help make the diagnosis.

Chronic lower back pain 3weeks after gall bladder removal as well as pain in lower back & abdomen when passing bowel motion?

Common problems. Back pain is common after abdominal surgery due to position on the operating table. Problems with bowel movements are also common, due to pain meds and stress of surgical procedure and general anesthesia. These should all slowly get better within 6-12 weeks after the operation. There is of course high variability Amon individuals. Hope this helps!

Can bowel issues cause bad low back pain?

Yes. There are some lower abdominal conditions that I have seen that aldo present with lbp. Diverticulitis, crohn's and even ibs.

I have had bladder issues and low back pain. I had a CT scan which indicated I have a duplicated collecting system. Could this cause problems?

Possibly related. If duplicated renal system including both collecting systems and ureters, symptoms can be related to anatomy. Ureter of upper pole of kidney usually inserts lower, more medial, and possibly ectopic position. Can cause obstruction near bladder and back pain. Dilated collecting system on CT? Lower coll. Syst. Inserts higher, more lateral, susceptible to reflux, kidney damage from urinary infection. See Dr.
It depends. On the extent of the duplication. Most duplications are incomplete, cause no symptoms, and are incidental findings. Some duplications, particularly complete duplications, can predispose to infection, reflux, or obstruction. Talk to your doc about whether your duplication anomaly might be significant.

Male 60 can't empty bladder, sudden urge to go often. Low back pain during sex kills erection.?

Concerns. You do not provide information so we can understand what evaluation precedes your email, but you do need urinary evaluation by urologist, and MRI lumbar spine if not done previously. Maybe even better is online Concierge visit.

What could be the cause of bad lower back pain and pain that goes in the bowel area?

Uncertain. Pinched nerves, spinal compression injury, and intra -abdominal problem. You're going to need to see your physician he get Clarity.