Will I need to get an X-ray if I see a doctor for a throbbing low back pain?

Depends. Every person with back pain presents differently. If needed the Dr. Will order them.
Maybe. Unfortunately, xrays of the lumbar spine have a low correlation with the actual cause of the back pain. The radiation exposure is considerable and this test should be used conservatively. Mri has a higher correlation with the cause of pain. This link may be informative: http://www. Lower-back-pain-toolkit. Com/lower-back-pain-investigations. Html.
See below. In general, for those who strain their backs occasionally, it is not necessary to do an xray or mri. However, if I see someone whose back is not improving after about 6 weeks, I will usually order an xray first.
Yes. I would definitely x-ray your low back, pelvis, and hips. Of course along with a complete history and physical and possibly other diagnostic modalities.

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This is the first time I've had low back pain. Will I have to have x-rays on my first visit to the doctor?

No. The recommendations for treatment of low back pain involve identifying a trigger and conservative treatment. Things like anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, heating pads or ice packs, and stretching are first line therapy. If your pain fails to improve then an xray would be considered. Of course, if you have numbness or loss of bladder/bowel control you will most definitely need imaging.
No. Generally an x-ray is not necessary for your first visit for back pain. The exception might be if you had trauma to your back (car accident, fall from a ladder, etc.) the great majority of the time only conservative measures are needed for back pain, such as anti-inflammatory medications, rest, stretching, and physical therapy. Consult your doctor if your symptoms worsen.
No. If your doctor determines that you need imaging to better understand your back pain, I strongly recommend getting an MRI rather than xray. Mri is much better at finding the cause.
Depends. Every person with back pain presents differently. If needed the Dr. Will order them.

I have lower back pain. Last year I got an X-ray it came back clear, today my doctor said I was fine, why am I still in such pain?

Muscle or nerve involvement. Standard x-rays do not show the actual nerves in an area. They show the area where the nerves are, the space where the inter vertebral discs are, and the bone configuration. There are many more structures in the low back that can cause recurrent back pain. You should see someone who has more training in the spine for more detailed answers.

I've lower back pain which is now raidiating down my right leg to toes (tingly). X-ray & bloods clear doc thinks bulging disc. What's the tingling?

Nerve irritation. In this case, one of your nerve roots is likely irritated by the bulging disc. The disc may have a tear and release chemical signals that will irritate a nearby nerve root, or even intermittently make contact and compress the root. The resultant stray signals from the root is the tingling. No need to see doctor unless tingling gets painful or leg becomes weak/numb & interferes with function.
It is sciatica. The tingling is a pain equivalent and is sciatica.

Doc, yesterday I had blunt trauma to top of ilium of right hip. Lower back pain level of 4 out of10.X ray didnt show fracture. No other symp. Plz advice

Plan. The first of all you need rest. Ice helpful within first 24 hours. Pain medication like Advil 400 or 600 mg every 6 hours. Absence of fracture is good sign. If bowel movements and urinations is fine you should be ok in2-3 weeks.

I have lower back pain. X rays reveal a narrowing disc space l2/l3. The doc did not note that the right transverse process is also skew. Can this caus?

Yes. If the disc narrows it can also cause the entire L2 or L3 vertebrae to rotate which can make the transverse process look 'skew' on an x-ray. Symptomatic treatment for this.
Maybe. All back symptoms have to be correlated with xray findings to see if they are causing you symptoms. A defect in a transverse process shouldn't be symptomatic but there is a defect called a pars interarticularis defect that is thought to be caused by early trauma that can cause pain. You should know that it is very common to find disc narrowing on xrays and mri's.

3esi, doctor wants to do nerve burn, throbbing lower back pain and burning down left butt and pain in foot. Annular tear and buldge in l5/s1what to do?

Nerve burn. I assume you had epidural injections. With regard to the nerve burn you have to have had a regular local anesthetic block first before the burn. Also the results should have been good in order to proceed with the burn. You need to ask more questions. If you go ahead nerve burns are quite straight forward.

I've had severe lower back pain for over 7 years and so far tests and xray/ct are clear. I need advice from a doc that specialises in this area please

The advice is to see. Someone who specializes in spine for a thorough evaluation and then testing based on that evaluation. You gave had pain since at least age 14. See an orthopaedic spine surgeon for a complete workup which may include: blood tests in addition to furthers imaging like a MRI and bone scan.
Interventional pain. You need a proper history and physical and diagnostic tests by an intervention pain doctor or physiatrist to determine the cause and best treatment for your pain.
Biomechanical exam. So frustrating. A thorough physical exam focusing on spine, pelivs, sacro-iliac joints, associated muscles including piriformis, leg length and other alignment issues is extremely important. Radiographic studies (xrays, cts, and mri's) will usually be normal in conditions that involve alignment and muscle imbalance issues that can result in significant pain. See sports med/ pm& r/ chiropractor.