Is low-back pain curable? How long does it take?

Yes - 2-4 Weeks. Low-back pain can result from a variety of conditions. The most common reasons are muscular sprains and strains which take about 2-4 weeks to heal. Many other things (such as urinary tract infections, hip arthritis, tumors, ovarian issues, etc). Can cause back pain as well so if it persists, seek medical attention.
Yes. Yes & most get better without treatment. Sometimes, back pain can result from tumor or infection in spine but even that can be treated. However, pain in the back may have its cause elsewhere like a kidney stone or infection, GI issue like ulcer or vascular problem like an aneurysm. If a girl, reproductive organ issues can be source of the pain. Again, most are curable & better over weeks.

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Does a person with low back pain usually see a orthopedic surgeon or a pain rehab doctor that treats back pain? How long does it take to get a referra

Low back pain. It depends on the severity of pain. Sudden pain with numbness or weakness or tingling in the legs that lasts for more than a week or gets worse would indicate a likely disc herniation. Your pcp should get an MRI prior to referring you to a specialist depending on the MRI findings. Gradual onset of pain might mean arthritis of he spine. Surgery should only be considered after all non surgical.
Is it inflammatory? Inflammatory back pain (ibp) is characterized by stiffness upon awakening, improvement with activity, awakening at night, prompt response to nsaids, and radiation to the buttocks. Ibp can signal the presence of spondyloarthritis, and should be evaluated by a rheumatologist. Pain that is worse with activity, improves with rest, and doesn't radiate is likely due to disc degeneration or overuse.
Either option. Your primary care doctor can help figure it out. Physiatrist are not surgeons thus their expertise is on conservative management. Orthopedic surgeons may also do conservative management but should definitely be seen if surgery might be a solution after conservative treatment fails. In some cases an inflammatory arthritis might be present, then a rheumatogist can help.
I would rec an ortho. Or spine surgeon b cn 1st. Then after proper work up, if he/she recs a pain management clinic, then b cn there.
Pain Doc 1st. Orthopedic surgeon is really only a good option if you think you need surgery or have real neurologic decline that again needs surgery. Most people that see orthopedic surgeon do not get surgery so if he's gonna send you to see a pain rehab guy anyway, why waste that visit? You should be able to see doc within a week.
Neither. 46 y fem w. chronic low back pain had medrol (methylprednisolone) & knees "click"; concern for hypermobile joints w. sacroiliac joint (SIJ) disorder & associated sciatica. Diagnosis made via specific hands-on physical exams. SIJ undetected by all imaging studies. Chiropractors overlook SIJ. Physiatrists oft neglect SIJ eval. Surgeons seek surgical material. P.T.'s discern but not allowed to diagnose. See an Osteopath.

What are the causes of low back pain? Is it take a long sleep can cause this problem?

Many. Muscle strain, facet disease, arthritis, herniated discs. Any pain can cause insomnia.
Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement. .. A long sleep might not have any relation with your pain. If your pain persists, you should seek help from a doctor. You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Just had MRI after 4 months of low back pain. Mri shows annular tear and mild disk bulge. About how long does this take to heal.

Whats the treatment? You have an injury, what are you doing to fix it? It is possible the problem isn't disc pain and could be musculoskeletal pain in which case physical therapy and a home exercise program would be most beneficial. Most back pain heals within 3 months so if its not healing try something else, like anti inflammatories or pain management. Don't get discouraged and follow up with your doctor.

What causes low back pain other than sitting for too long?

Depends on cause! All back pain is not the same back pain. Different causes of back pain can be exacerbated by different actions/situations/movements. Low back pain with prolonged sitting may imply an intervertebral disc problem. However a formal evaluation by a back pain specialist is a great way to find the exact source of the back pain. Call your local pain physician, spine physician, or physiatrist!

What medicati0n I can take for my low back pain? I do also have gastritirg.

No anti inflammatory. Avoid any steroid or non steroidal anti inflammatory medication. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is fine and there is a wide variety of various groups of medication that a pain management specialist can offer you in addition to other treatment options such as physical therapy/exercise, lifestyle modification like weight control and not smoking as well as possible injection techniques.

I am suffering from facetal arthropathy. Lower back pain since 7 weeks, How long will it take to come to normal.

Muscle pain? Most back pains are benign. You are probably too young for facet disease; find out if it's just a muscle pain. Second most common in your age group is nerve root irritation due to trauma (with or without disk problem).

I can not sit for a long time because I often suffer from low back pain. I can only sit in the last 45 minutes. Why it happen?

LBP with sitting. Sitting actually puts more stress on your back mechanically than either lying or standing. It is common for people with mechanical disk pain to have pain with sitting as opposed to herniated disk patients who feel better sitting with knees flexed.
Yes. When sitting the nerves can get pinched from herniated discs and result in the numbness. If it bothers you especially with pain and not just the numbness, you may want to see a spine specialist to see if there is anything that can be done. Numbness in those positions probably only need core strengthening exercise therapy.