Is it common to have abdominal pain when I have a low back disc rupture?

Read below. It depends on the level of the disc that is injured. It is not common to have abdominal pain with a herniated disc, however if the disc that is herniated is a upper lumbar disc it could possibly pinch a nerve and cause referred pain to the abdomen. I would first check for other causes for abdominal pain, side effect of meds, other gastrointestinal disorder. Discuss with your md.
No . No unless you are taking medication for pain that may be affecting your gastrointestinal tract. If the disc is at a very high level, like t12-l1it can feel like low belly pain. You should make sure that there is not some other reason for your back pain that may also be causing your abdominal pain like an GI issue/ulcer, kidney/renal issue or vascular reason. See your doctor for further checkup.