Are electro-muscle stimulator effective for low back pain?

Sometimes. I have had pros and cons. Some folks feel that it increases their pain. Muscle stimulators are really nerve/muscle stimulators and have a multitude of chemical effects upon the nerve and the muscle which can promote healing and improve pain. You really are not going to 'hurt" anything by giving it a try.
TENS. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine may help depending on your pain issue. Usually they can help acutely and if you get long term benefit great, they are just masking the pain while your body heals. If you continue with pain or not getting relief with TENS then consider eval with a pain/spine specialist.
Maybe. There is no data to support this modality in low back pain, that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Some people may respond to it.

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Low back pain thathurts with standing 15 minutes or more and then muscles tighten and only bending relievesat all?

Spinal stenosis. Reduced tolerance to standing and/or walking may be an indication that you could have spinal stenosis (narrowing of your spinal canal). Like you, patients with stenosis typically have improvement of their symptoms when they bend forward. This is called a positive cart sign because leaning forward against a shopping cart can help open up the canal and can, therefore, lead to symptom improvement.
Lumbar instability. Your ligaments are probably weak in the back and muscles working overtime and fatigue causing pain. Find a prolotherapist to help heal the ligaments. Go to www. Getprolo. Com and www. Aaomed. Org.
Facet joint pain. Classic case of lumbar facet joint pain usually caused by arthritis. Treatment includes physical therapy, chiropractic, and facet injections for severe episodes. Surgery almost never required.

Low back pain not muscle/bowel or prostate?

Consult your doctor. I recommend that you consult your doctor about the specifics of your lower back pain. Wishing you the best.
Many causes possible. Low back pain can be cuased by many different structures, some of which are not at the back but you will feel back pain. So, your complete history of symptoms and an exam by the doctor are needed to narrow down the posiblities.

I'm having extreme low back pain. Can barely move without crying out in pain. Muscle relaxers are not helping...what could be wrong?

Disc? Have you been evaluated by a physician? An acute herniated disc can be quite painful, especially with an annular tear. The natural course of this is to resolve over time but if you haven't had a physical exam, please go to urgent care.

Went to chiro for low back pain seen him for 1yr+. Pushed on my back to stretch the muscles it hurt a lot now I am bruised. Why would that happen?

See MD/DO. Chiropractors are not physicians and have different, less intensive training. You need to see physician to determine the cause of your back pain and treat not only symptoms, but the pathology which led to back pain.

Been n pain for 12mnths w/pubis shearing & low back pain. Pubis shearing has been corrected almost 2wks but my leg muscles still hurt. Recovery time?

Recovery time. In reality, your recovery time, really depends on the actual cause/etiology of the pain. In general, a sprain muscle tends to heal within 4 to 6 weeks. A strain ligament can take longer, usually 12 to even 36 weeks. But if the cartilage and facet joints are also inflammed then the condition can linger even longer. Comb antiinflam meds with gentle exercises. If not an interventionalist pain md.
Stretch/Strengthen. If stretching and strengthening the muscles in the area do not resolve the pain, you could consider a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation. Newer techniques with stem cell therapies have shown great success in resolving chronic tears in those muscles/ligaments as well. Check out Regenexx. Com.

My son's doctor recommended a dorsal column stimulator for his low back pain. How long do they last and how affective are they?

Variable. A dorsal column stimulator can help in cases of back and leg pain that have poorly responded to advanced treatments such as surgery. If a temporary trial of stimulation demonstrates coverage of the pain regions, then a permanent implant should give good long term relief. They can last for years, but may need reprogramming at different times during treatment.
Use extreme caution. It is extremely difficult to isolate an anatomic origin for low back pain. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to successfully treat low back pain with invasive measures such as injections or spine surgery, including a dorsal column stimulator. Though back pain can be severe, treating with invasive measures without identifying a definitive pain source can lead to unnecessary risk and poor outcome.

Low back pain that radiates down the front of my left leg. No meds help, not even muscle relaxers. This is day 5 of pain. Any ideas?

Seek medical eval. The symptoms you are describing warrant a medical evaluation to look for signs/symptoms of nerve root compression that can occur with some muscle spasms, or with vertebral disc problems (bulging, herniation, or spinal stenosis).