I have a low back pain and feel extraordinary cold. Should I be worried?

No. It is interesting that people with back pain seem to feel temperature changes more commonly than others. There is nothing dangerous going on.
Maybe your sick. with a viral illness. Back pain is common symptom with colds or illness is general.
Sometimes this may . Be a flu or a cold presenting like this as muscular pain in the back & coldness sensation. However, some serious conditions could be the cause like an infection of the spine or infection in the area referring pain to the spine like a kidney one or even a vascular problem like an abdominal aortic aneurysm. If symptoms persist or worsen see your doctor.

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Ever since I had gotten low back pain my left arm, left ear and in my head plus rectum mostly has cold sensations what can I do im really worried.

Get going. Your original complaints of back pain are common in america. Your combination of other, fairly separate and unusual complaints (of coldness) are not easy to understand. You should have less worries when you get answers from your physician. An examination and blood work are in order. Read more...