What arrangements do I need to make before laser spine surgery?

Several. Make sure you understand your diagnosis and procedure. A lot of "laser" procedures are heavily marketed but don't have much evidence to show any benefit of the laser. Consider a second opinion prior to the procedure by another spine specialist. Ensure that you have tried non-operative treatment without success. The arrangements otherwise are similar to those prior to any other surgery.
Varies. Laser is a tool used in spinal surgery and does not completely describe the full nature of the spinal surgery itself. So the recovery varies based upon the nature of the surgery you are having. You would certainly need assistance with transports to and from the surgery facility and also someone to help with your activities of daily living until you are able to do them. Thank you.
Try nonop care . First as you will most likely get better if you were indicated for laser spinal surgery since that procedure is usually not needed since its indications usually match diagnoses that get better without surgery.. If you fail nonoperative care then see a real spine surgeon who is fellowship trained in spine for an opinion as to the indication for any potential and appropriate surgery.