Is having sciatica after laminectomy normal?

Scar vs Herniation. Given that you recently had a laminectomy, you could have re-herniated in the same area or developed scar tissue in the area causing pressure on the nerves that exit the spine. I would consult your surgeon to discuss you options, you may need new imaging to see if any changes have taken place.
possibly. Some patients experience persistent sciatica symptoms after a laminectomy. You should speak with the surgeon who performed the operation.
No although in a few. Pain can persist for a few days to several weeks postop if there is some ongoing inflammation that can be managed by medication. Otherwise, get evaluated to make sure that a disc fragment was not missed or you may have even had a recurrent disc herniation. Sometimes scar tissue can cause pain after surgery but this happens weeks after the surgery as the scar forms. If smoker, results are poor.
Sometimes. Laminectomy can help relieve the pressure off a squeezed nerve. Sometimes there can be more bone spur formation, scar tissue, or repeat herniated disc which can cause more sciatica symptoms. Some sciatica symptoms can be permanent and continue even after laminectomy.