What are some of the symptoms of appendicitis?

Symptom appendicitis. Appendicitis starts, progresses, with pain in lower right abdomen, fever and signs of infection. By 12 to 24 hours patients know something is wrong and get in to a health care facility. Surgeons remove the bad appendix, hopefully before it ruptures. Surgically cured! recovery is about a week. Usually one or two days in hospital. Often performed laprascopically.
RLQ ABD Pain. The "classic" pt: vague abdominal pain that 'moves' to the right lower abdomen over ~24hrs, becoming constant, progressively worsening; decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever. Studies have shown that only 50% of patients have classic symptoms, making the diagnosis somewhat challenging. Ct scans have been very helpful for diagnosis in equivocal cases, but the radiation exposure is not trivial.