Will acupuncture lessen the pain of bulging discs (l5-s1)?

Pain control. You received some great information from other physicians already. I work with wounded warriors. Many have multiple herniated & bulging discs. Some have had surgery, some are not surgical candidates & some are trying to hold off before they go under the knife. Acupuncture will not correct bulging or herniated discs. But it can provide effective pain relief, reduce surrounding inflammation & ^ rom.
It will not. It won't since bulging discs are normal findings, not pain sources. However, acupunture is a treatment for back pain that has had success with some but not all with this area of pain from several different origins.
50-50. The data is conflicting...Some studies say yes while others show no differences compared to other treatments or placebo. In my experience it tends to be temporarily helpful if at all for severe back pain.

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How common is it for a thin 15 year old female to have bulging discs at l4-5 and l5-s1? She has pain when getting up from a sitting position

Best have her seen . By her doctor, who may refer to specialists to rule out a connective tissue disorder ( like marfan's syndrome or ehlers-danlos). It sounds like she needs to see a pediatric neurologist for headaches & blurred vision & have an MRI of her brain & spine, if she hasn't already. A pediatric ophthalmologist & a geneticist may also help. Call her doctor for recommendations for after-hours care. Read more...
Disc bulges. Disc bulges are best considered as asymptomatic incidental findings not used as an explanation for a pain complaint just keep looking for pain generator rule out muscluar pain first, the evidence for disc bulges are painful is weak, and subjective , biased and leads to no effective treatments that uphold the first do no harm ethos one guys opinionl after14 years of experience it. Read more...

Why is it that when I bend by neck down it hurts in my lower back? Hurts a lot to sneeze I do have a bulging disk L5 s1 hurts to get up from sitting

Direct reason is . Because flexion of neck places tension on the spinal cord. But your symptoms could be from meningitis, not from disc. So i would have your doctor take a look at it. Read more...