Is there "real" help for hair loss for women? 2 long story. Anesthesia started it. Hasn't changed. I am mortified. 1/2's gone.

Lots of reasons. Go see your family doc and even get a referral to a dermatologist specializing in hair loss. First, remember that stress can lead to hair loss. Child birth & hospitalization are classic causes of stress but so is surgery. Hair eventually comes back several months later. Thyroid disease can do this too. So can too much testosterone & its derivative, dihydrotestosterone. So get tested and see derm.
See a dermatologist. I'm not sure how anesthesia could have caused your hair loss, outside of a compression injury. You need to see a dermatologist for an evaluation and blood tests of thyroid hormone, etc. Good luck.
Anesthesia. Just cause it started after anesthesia does not mean it is related to anesthesia. That would be too simplistic. Need to see a dermatologist or other doctor.