Does neural foramina narrowing cause herniated disk?

NO. a herniated disc may protrude and compress nerve root that causes foraminal narrowing.
No. Its the other way around. A herniated disk can be the cause of foraminal narrowing...
No. However, the degenerative processes that lead to foraminal narrowing can sometimes lead to a disc becoming herniated.
No. Foraminal narrowing is a decrease in the normal size of the hole that the nerves go through when they leave the spinal column. Anything that makes the hole smaller creates the narrowing. This could be decrease in disc height, ligament overgrowth, facet joint overgrowth, bone spurs, etc. Neural foraminal narrowing does not cause herniated discs, but herniated discs can cause foraminal narrowing.
See below. Two seperate things foraminal narrowing is from settling and loss of spacing or bone spurs disc herniation are caused by pushing disc material through a preexisting crack radial tear commonpresent in people over 30.