Is it safe to play sports after herniated disk surgery?

Yes. Yes, even football players do return to their sport. Generally, one wants to wait about 12 weeks post operatively and also go through some rehabilitation and conditioning before returning to sports.
Yes. Recurrent disc herniations rate is 15% and not related to activities I wouldn't take up power lifting ask your surgeon their opinion activity restriction recomendations vary widely surgeon to surgeon. Biking sking swimming are fine.

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Is it possible to still play sports after herniated disk surgery?

Yes generally after. Twelve weeks postop and with appropriate rehabilitation and clearance from your surgeon.

Can you still play sports after you have herniated disk surgery?

Yes. Most sporfs are acceptable if one has a good result and is rehabed and continuing with an exercise priogram but ine should avoid raquet sports and a modern golf swing and learn a traditional golf swing.

Can you still play contact sports after herniated disk surgery?

YES. Many years ago joe montana proved that with a proper diagnosis, properly planned treatment protocol that included spinal surgery and aggressive physical rehabilitation a top athelet can return to the highest level contact sports!

Is it okay to play sports after herniated disc surgery?

Yes you can. Yes, following full recovery from surgery --- which can take anywhere from 4-weeks to 2-3 months, you will then be able to resume your sporting activities following herniated disc surgery.

I have a herniated disk on my lower back & I play sports my surgeon told me to stop playing for 4 months I was wondering why should I stop sports if I have no pain while playing & no pain after I play, I have pain when I'm not active so why stop?

Please repost. Perhaps to try to let the disc herniation resolve spontaneously. Please repost and include the answer your surgeon gave you to this question; or if you have not asked your surgeon - after all, (s)he's the one who told you - please state why not.