How long does take to recover from a herniated disk?

Varies. It is highly variable. I have seen people recover in as little as a couple of months to some who take over a year to recover. There is really no way of predicting with any accuracy.
3 months. Most lumbar disc herniations tend to heal on their own. Anti-inflammatory medication and traction type of therapy often helps to relieve the pain. The herniated disc often takes up to 3 months to heal. Seek medical attention if there is progressive pain, inability to walk, numbness, weakness, or any changes with bowel/bladder function.

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How long does it take to recover from herniated disk surgery on the neck?

Quick. Arm pain is gone usually within days. Sore throat and swallowing probs disappear in first week or two in most. Healing allows light activities for most in first week or two. Brace discontinued immediately if short fusion and plate/screws used; 6 weeks later if no plate. Medium activities after 6 weeks. I allow heavy activities 3-6 months postop including contact sports.

How long does it take to recover from surgery on a herniated disk?

2-6weeks. Definition of recover vary leg pain improves within days muscular backache follows fo 6 weeks. Or longer.
By 12 weeks. Most people can resume all activities by 12 weeks post op but can gradually resume activities up through that time especially if surgery was out patient and without complications. A lot of people feel so good that they have to be held back by time their incision pain has resolved in 10-14 days.