Who is more likely to be affected by facet syndrome?

Usually in people. that have had an extension based injury or activities. Whiplash in a car accident, playing football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics can be typical types of activities or injuries caused by that can be a reason for facet syndrome.
Someone who. Someone who is obese, does not exercise, is older, who smokes or had an extension and/or twisting injury to the spine ior a combination of these to the spine. Also someone who may have a hx of rheumatologic disease as well.
Random. Having facet syndrome, or facet joint arthritis, is part of the degenerative cascade of the functional spinal unit (involving discs and the facet joints). It is due to abnormal loading to the joints, resulting in cartilage loss and osteophytes (bone spurs). With the changes present, the pain can be associated with overactivity, trauma, and deconditioning.