Can you tell me what is bilateral facet joint arthrosis?

Spine Joints. Facet joints are places on the spinal bones where two bones actually meet and articulate. Many times arthritis or inflammation can arise here and cause pain. Sometimes this inflammation results in extra fluid in the joint that aggravates the joint, that is the effusion. Suggest seeing a spine specialist to get help with either steroid injections or PRP to help strengthen ligaments.
Arthritic jonts. It is referring to the facet joints of the spine. Each level of the spine is connected by a disc in between the vertebrae and two facet joints. Just like any joint in the body these joints have cartilage. As we age the cartilage degenerates and cause pain with motion. Arthrosis means arthritic changes to these joints. And bilateral refers to both joints of the specific level.
Facet degeneration . These are small joints in the spine, two per level (bilateral) and arthrosis just means degeneration of the joint not necesarily inflamed which would then be arthritic and be painful. These are usually not painful as they are normally wearing out over time but can become arthritic - itis means inflammation and arthro means joint in latin for arthritis.