My MRI show wedging to my d-10 and d-11 due to previous trauma. Can you explain what this means?

A broken bone. Wedging of t10 and t11 is a change in the shape of the vertebral body part of the spine. The bone gets crushed from an injury and can change shape from its normal rectangular appearance to a more wedge shaped appearance. This can also be a normal finding from degeneration of the spine due to aging as well as due to genetic conditions such as scheurmann's disease.
Old fractures. On an MRI showed two vertebrae at the end of you rib cage are wedge shaped instead of block shaped. How they came to be there is assumed by the reader to be trauma based on location and appearance if y .Not every wedge is a fracture not every wedge hurts there are other benign condition that cause wedged shaped vertebrae without symtoms.To put the how pieces together you need ah and p by a doctor.