Does a caudal epidural steroid injection provide pain relief for compressed disks at l4/l5? For how long?

Possibly. The caudal space is a way of entering the epidural space at a lower level in the back, near the tailbone. Medications such as steroids injected there should be able to reach the l4-5 level. However, it's hard to predict exactly how much pain relief will be achieved or how long it will last. Consult an anesthesiologist or other physician with special training in pain management. Good luck!
It depends. It is a little high for many caudal injections to reach. I would suggest a more focused epidural injection closer to the level of the disc issue.
Caudal. The high volume used in caudal epidural typically does reach up to l 4-5 level.
Depends. Some patients may get great relief from one injection and not be bothered again. Others may need 3 injections and still others may not any relief or any prolonged relief and may be candidates for surgery if their pain is severe enough.
Yes. Yes, a caudal epidural steroid injection is felt to cover pathology at L5-S1 and L4-5, but not higher. The length of time an epidural steroid injection works varies tremendously from months to even years at times. It is among the more powerful options that is non operative for spinal stenosis.
Depends. Epidural injections have a variable relief pattern and it really depends on the steroid used and location of pathology. Typically epidural injections work best if placed next to or on top of the level of pathology. Caudal epidural injections are several levels below l4/l5 and sometimes may not provide adequate relief. Epidural injections if they work can provide from weeks to months of relief.