Nutrition suggestions that better contain the Lyme disease neuropathys and effects? Please advice

Antioxidants. A variety of colorful fruits and veggies, and healthy omega 3 fats are anti inflammatory and helps neuropathies, also high dose activated Folic Acid (methyl folate) can improve neuropathies.
Consult your doctor. There is a lot of misinformation about treatment of lyme disease, as is the case with many chronic diseases. It would be prudent to follow your doctor's advice and not be taken by unqualified people. See this site for authoritative information.

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If I've had Lyme disease for many years, can it still be treated even if there's been nerve damage?

See below. The disease (bacteria) can be treated but the secondary effects of the disease being present for so many years are likely permanent. See you physician to have lyme disease blood testing done to confirm or refute the presence of the disease. Read more...

3 small nonspecific lesions. Lyme disease negative. Now being tested for nerve damage and memory loss, all thats left is stroke and ms, limbs tingle?

MS is possible. Assume you have 3 small brain white matter lesions, but your sensory symptoms and memory issues, could well be a sign of ms, or prior strokes. Can sort out by getting MRI of neck and MRI of gray matter using dir techniques, as extra lesion on these films could confirm ms. Maybe spinal fluid would help. Talk with your doctor, should be able to pin down. Read more...