Had 2 upper upper molar cavities filled 4 days ago. Ever since all of my upper teeth kill when drinking anything slightly cold or warm! Normal?

Pain after fillings . There is generally sensitivity for a day or so after fillings. If the teeth that were worked on ore extremely sensitive then the bite may need adjusted. If the cavities were very close to the nerve, it could mean that the nerve was affected by the decay and then the fillings aggravated this. Which could mean some additional conditions. Not usually all of your teeth though, get checked at the offic.
No. If all your upper teeth are sore, it sounds like a possible sinus issue. If just the ones worked on are sore, it could be as simple as a high spot on the filling or if the filings were deep, pulpitis. If pulpitis, you may need a root canal. I think the best plan is to go back to the dentist for a follow up.
Sometimes. I would hesitate to call the feeling you are having "normal" but some degree of post-operative sensitivity is common. It is somewhat proportional to the relative invasiveness of the procedure meaning the deeper the cavity, the more drilling and the greater possibility of sensitivity afterwards. Anti-inflammatory meds either otc or by rx can help. Be sure to have the dentist check the bite too.