What is the best option to treat a herniated disc discectomy or fusion?

It depends. The most common surgical treatment for a disc herniation is a microdiscectomy. Which means that the surgery is done with a small incision under a microscope. And this is quite successful to treat the pain going down the legs. However, if there is severe disc degeneration or instability, then a fusion may need to be performed as well.
First, 90% are . Treated without surgery. If this is a disc herniation causing primarily leg pain, then a disectomy. If there is more back pain than leg pain, then a fusion with the disectomy usually. In the neck, a fusion is usually done with the disectomy as the most common approach from front unless the disc herniation is very lateral or off to the side, then a disectomy can be done from the back of the neck.

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What is the best option for a herniated disc? Is it discectomy or fusion?

Usually diskectomy. In the majority of cases of low back disk herniation needing surgery, diskectomy is the best approach. In the neck, diskectomy combined with fusion is the best approach most of the time (in select cases neck diskectomy without fusion is a good option). Review your options with your provider. If in doubt, get a second opinion. Read more...
Depends on symptoms. Leg pain with disc herniation discectomy no symptoms niether, back ache be careful many disc bulges cause no syptoms fusion of asymptomatic MRI findings will just give you a scar and a sore back fusion is too much surgery for leg pain and a disc herniation fusion to treat back pain should be considered contraversial except with fracture instability from cancer. Read more...