Can using to much mouthwash with peroxide, and toothpaste with baking soda cause me to have a salty taste in mouth?

Yes. Most likey the culprit is the baking soda toothpate. Switch to another brand that doesn't have the baking soda ingredient and see if that helps.
Yes. Overuse of mouth rinses can cause changes in the salivary pellicle, or coating. A good soft tooth brush with mild flouride toothpaste, along with a little listerine daily is all you need. Sounds like you may be overdoing it.
It's the baking soda. The toothpaste is the problem, not the mouthwash. Try a conventional toothpaste like colgate or crest.
Possibly. Try backing off those two products and replace them with something else for a while. If the problem goes away, try the old mouthwash for a while, then later the tooth paste to see if the saltiness returns.