My fathers ankle has been swollen for over a few weeks, he says it doesn't hurt but it looks as if it is out of place. What can it possibly be?

Read below. The swelling may be due to a mild ankle sprain, lymphedema ( swelling of the lymp nodes to the area) or the veins not being efficient to drain the swelling out of the area, or possibly a soft tissue growth. See your doctor or podiatrist for a more definitive answer.
First off your dad . Is lucky to have such a caring daughter. From the info provided though it's a little difficult to offer a diagnosis without an in office exam. An x-ray for example would be able to tell us if the ankle is properly aligned, if there are any bony abnormalities etc. Maybe it is normal and the swelling makes it look out of position? One sided swelling can occur from bad veins. Varicose veins etc.