How long do you need to keep rods in your back after scoliosis surgery?

Until fusion1 year. Removal studies have shown no improvement in outcome they are not the cause of usualy removing them just adds to the muscle trauma they need to stay in until a solid fusion appears they can stay in for life for scoliosis removing threm was followed by loss of correction not advised.
It depends? We keep the rod in place tell the bone fusion healed, that it could about up one year. We have to be sure the fusion solid .If the bone fused we could take the rod out. For some reason if the rod (after the bone fused) gets loose, we recommend the rod out. Follow the direction of your surgeon.
Usually forever. The rods used to obtain & hold correction of scoliosis while fusion heals. The fusions tend to heal better with rod stabilization & unless the rods become prominent in a thin individual or fail under stresses & become prominent, they are left in permanently as the fusion mass grows around them. There are specific growing rods that are eventually replaced in kids who are still in need of growing.