How long after back surgery (ruptured disc) should a woman wait to have sex?

As soon as . As soon as she is comfortable and there are manuals and websites available to review information for post op patients as well as for patients with back problems who may not need surgery or choose not to have surgery. One should ask their surgeon but the level of pain postop is good guidance.
Depends. Your surgeon should be able to give you specifics, but generally the answer is 4-6 weeks (sooner for minor procedures, loner fr more invasive. It hurts, don't do it.. You may need to search for a comfortable position, however, different positions may still be comfortable even after back surgery.

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How long after back surgery (ruptured disc) is it okay for a woman to resume sexual activities?

Depends. A lot depends on the type and magnitude of the surgery, i would suggest waiting at least 4-6 weeks but look to your surgeon for specific guidance and consider being careful initially. Read more...

Ruptured disk --alternatives to back surgery?

Many options. Signs & symptoms are important to consider. Any signs of neurological compromise may warrant surgery.If pain is the main/only symptom then many options exist depending on location of pain; directional preference-based therapy, nsaids, oral steroids, neuromodulating medications, epidural injections (many types possible), or spinal cord stimulator. Talk to your local pain/spine doc about manyoptions. Read more...