Absolutely no alternatives to surgery for craniosynostosis (sagittal)? 2 year old, no symptoms?

Talk to MD. The neurosurgeon would be the best one to explain the alternatives, and yes there are some. However, this depends on the degree of fusion, when the fusion occurred, and the functional and cosmetic effects of the fusion. Good luck.
No symptoms yet !! The skull design uses about 17 different growth centers that push away from each other until it is time to close. As the brain enlarges over time, the skull must enlarge to accommodate that growth.True saggital synostosis will push skull growth to open areas & result in a long narrow skull with a prominent forehead.The primary issue is cosmetic but effect is lifelong & early correction worthwhile.
Craniosynostosis. Surgery remains the only option unless you select no treatment which sounds like the case here. The most common symptom in an untreated child with scaphocephaly is headaches which typical develop around 4-5 years of age. The actual incidence of the headaches has not really been determined but we have certainly seen our share in our CF center over the years.