Should I continue takin effector & lyrica (pregabalin) 75 mg even that I am now better from fibromyalgia. What if I stop them now. Should I take them all of my life?

DEFINITELY!!!!!! Yes you should continue the medications as the fibromyalgia is a chronic and lifelong condition. Your doses are very low so if these are effective i would definitely stick with it.
Fibromyalgia. I would follow directions of my doctor and continue to be monitored re. Progress as the disease waxed and waned.
No. Persons whose #fibromyalgia improves, because of pharmacologicals, as to psychological profile might ask their doctor to taper off. One perspective is to use synthetic medications to obtain acute respite from symptoms. An "honeymoon" period from the symptoms enables greater exercise, improved muscle tone, and participates in an healing from this multifactorially caused musculoskeletal disorder.