Is it normal to bleed after a pap smear while pregnant?

Yes. The cervix is very friable during pregnancy, so a day or two of spotting after a pap smear is commonly found and is not worrisome.
Yes. A small amount of bleeding is not unusual and is the result of normal changes that occur in the cervix with pregnancy that make it more susceptible to bleeding after a pap. Heavy bleeding with cramping is not normal and should be evaluated further.

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I had my pap smear the 26th and started bleeding the next morning still bleeding its not heavy unless I wipe, is this normal?? I'm about 3-4 weeks and this is my 2nd pregnancy I didn't do this with my first I'm a little crampy in my back and lower belly

Yes. Pap smears can traumatize the cervix sufficiently to cause slight bleeding for a couple of days. Cramping is also common, and every pregnancy is different. It is also possible that this represents early signs of a miscarriage but this seems less likely.

Sporadic light intermenstrual bleeding. Not pregnant, no STI, pap smear & pelvic US normal. Could it just be caused by my contraceptive pill?

If you are not. Taking the pills at the same time each day or forget to take it then yes you get breakthrough bleeding. Otherwise being on bcp does not necessarily cause bleeding between periods. Other causes such as cervical infections, trauma to the cervix or a polyp of the cervix or a fibroid tumor of the uterus all needs to be checked out.

Is it normal to spot after a pap smear while pregnant? How long am I supposed to spot for?

Yes. Spotting very common as the cervix is congested for a few days 1- 2 depending on the extent of exam if a biopsy is done may spot longer vs a brushing or scraping.