Is there a cure for nerve pain in the back and legs?

May be. You could cure nerve pain if no scar in the nerve or what we call permanent change in the structure of the nerve, if you have changes in the nerve I doubt you could. In this situation we resort to a lot of methods of pain relief. (pain management).
Yes. Have you had a recent MRI to diagnose nerve impingement? If not having weakness in legs or incontinence, try conservative treatments such as: rest, hot/cold compresses to lower back even if the pain radiates to butt or leg, nsaids, physical therapy and activity modification. If you have tried these, there are prescription nerve medications out their that your pcp or spine specialist can recommend.

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I have back pain and nerve pain in leg but now I have nerve pain in the front of my ankle could this be due to my back or something else.?

Yes. A pinched nerve in your leg can cause pain to radiate anywhere down the leg, depending on were the nerve is being pinched in your back, depending on the level. Pain down to the top of foot is usually L5 nerve.

I am 32/m. I'm having lower back pain with nerve pain in my left leg. After taking bed rest the back pain has reduced but the nerve pain is till there?

Must Consider. At your age must consider a spinal nerve root compression secondary to a disc problem. Consult pcp. If ongoing you probably will need MRI for definitive diagnosis.
Probably sciatica. It is probably a sciatica, which is an irritation of a nerve in the back that causes pain to run down the leg. Some cases do respond to rest, others need more aggressive treatment before they get better. I would encourage you to be seen at some point if it does not get better. Thank you for the question.

I had a prolotherapy in my lumbar area. It took off the back pain I had but now a week later my leg and buttock and feet hurt. Feels like nerve pain?

Couple things... Where did they place the prolo? Prolo can cause inflammation, as it's supposed to do. If the injections were done near the nerve roots, this inflammation and can cause nerve irritation. Any prolo injections in the glutes? This can lead to inflammation around the sciatic nerve. This can subside on its own but should get better soon. Any chance needle hit nerve root or sciatic? Ask your doc.

How common is it to have unresolved nerve pain in feet and legs after lower back pain surgery?

Depends. Some nerve injuries take a long time to recover, and some never do. In general, the younger and healthier you are, your chance of complete recovery is better - providing you have not waited too long and your nerve damage has not become permanent.
Quite common. Since a lower back surgery involves either disc work or unimpinging the spinal nerves, it is not uncommon for the have nerve pain in the feet and legs. Often, the pain will resolve over time, though this may take 1-2 years. If unsure or the condition is getting worse, ask your surgeon.
Pain. As already stated, see your surgeon and frequently time is the key. Always speak to your surgeon and follow up frequently.
First, is the pain. To a back issue or not ; like a peripheral neuropathy. Next was appropriate surgery done to alleviate compression on neural tissue if the source of pain. Sometimes even with appropriate decompression, there may be ongoing nerve symptoms especially if diabetic or smoker with higher failure rate of surgery. Scar tissue can also form leading to ongoing pain but with initial short term relief.