After having low back surgery, is it normal to have unresolved nerve pain in feet and legs?

Yes. I assume you are talking of disc surgery, which the nerve involved. We have to consider two things. How chronic the painwas? How much the nerve injury is? It may take days? Few weeks? It may have residual pain for long time?
Best to discuss. With your surgeon who knows your individual case.
Not normal but. Ideally, everyone wants relief of all their symptoms. Sometimes there may be a co-existing neuropathy or even a compression neuropathy like a tarsal tunnel syndrome that nay gave not been diagnosed pre op. Sometimes even after a successful surgery in terms of freeing up the nerves they don't always fully recover. Get an EMG done and a repeat MRI with contrast to check for possible reasons.

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How common is it to have unresolved nerve pain in feet and legs after lower back pain surgery?

Depends. Some nerve injuries take a long time to recover, and some never do. In general, the younger and healthier you are, your chance of complete recovery is better - providing you have not waited too long and your nerve damage has not become permanent.
Quite common. Since a lower back surgery involves either disc work or unimpinging the spinal nerves, it is not uncommon for the have nerve pain in the feet and legs. Often, the pain will resolve over time, though this may take 1-2 years. If unsure or the condition is getting worse, ask your surgeon.
Pain. As already stated, see your surgeon and frequently time is the key. Always speak to your surgeon and follow up frequently.
First, is the pain. To a back issue or not ; like a peripheral neuropathy. Next was appropriate surgery done to alleviate compression on neural tissue if the source of pain. Sometimes even with appropriate decompression, there may be ongoing nerve symptoms especially if diabetic or smoker with higher failure rate of surgery. Scar tissue can also form leading to ongoing pain but with initial short term relief.

Intense foot pain not nerve pain though it feels as if I've ran marathons or been standing for days when I haven't. Also ankle pain and lower back pai?

Intense Foot Pain. When pain is intense at the foot level, you think about nerve pain or bone pain. If you have not done anything to possible bruise or break a bone, then the nerves from the neck, spine, and low back should be evaluated. Seek the advice of an orthopedist, neurologist, or physiatrist. Hope this helps. Dr Rich Blake.

I have been itching for a few days and alot of nerve pain to my feet, why. I had minor back surgery, microdisectomy& laminectomy a year ago?

Post op issue. All the nerves that go the foot originate in the lower back. It stands to reason that if you had recent surgery there then that is most likely the cause. Consult the surgeon who did your procedure.

Nerve damage prior to s1-l4, alif. Sciatic pain replaced by nerve pain in feet, esp big toe. Is this permanent or from surgery? How long to recover?

Talk to surgeon. Need a diagnosis for new l 5 sympts after alif was this augmented with posterior instrumentation or stand alone alif if posterior instrumentaion used need ct scan to check screw postion could be disc pushed back into foramen or traction from distraction on a scarred nerve root some of these are correctsble some are not need a daignosis for new pain after surgery before prognosis can bediscerned.
Nerve. You need to see your surgeon for help with this as the problem stems from elsewhere in the body and not the toe or foot.

Can Cipro cause (severe) nerve damage? Have taken twice for UTI symptoms despite culture being negative. Feeling nerve pain in feet, legs, & arms.

Please repost. You have now stated where you feel the pain, but please state specifically what qualities of the pain lead you to call it "nerve" pain, e.g. aching vs burning, etc. It may help to read up a bit on pain in order to learn what are useful descriptive terms for pain.