What kind of rashes are in german measles?

Two. A diffuse macularpapular discrete rash covering the trunk and spreading centripetally to extremities, usually lasting 3-5 days. There is a second rash that occurs 20% of the time inside the oral cavity called an enanthem. This is forchheimer sign. Also, lymph nodes are swollen behind ears.
Agree with Drs. Vaccine phobia, the result of false science & bad press, has allowed resurgence of vaccine-preventable illnesses. Young doctors have never seen these rashes nor recognized the prodrome (symptoms before rash) of measles, nor seen measles encephalitis. Protectect your baby, who will, without question, be in a group with unimmunized or inadequately immunized children.
Rubella. Reddish rash starting on the face and spreading to the rest of the trunk and arms. Disappears in 2-3 days, may have minimal pealing of skin during/after rash subsides. Milder than measles.

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The rash and joint symptoms of german measles are very rare in the u.S.?

Yes. German measles, or rubella, has become rare in the United States because of the availability of a very effective vaccine. Since it became available in the late 1960s, no major outbreaks have occurred here. That is not true in other parts of the world, however. Read more...

Should I take my child to the doctor if I suspect German measles? He is 18months old. Fever only lasted one night and rash started yesterday.

See doctor. Several viruses can cause fever with skin rash, and any child with fever and rash should be seen by a doctor, preferably the child's pediatrician. Mostly these are mild but sometimes serious. Better safe than sorry. Good luck. Read more...