How much weight should I be gaining every week?

1/2-1 pound. For patients who start off at their ideal weight, we recommend 4 lbs in the first trimester, then 1/2-1 lb per week thereafter, for a total of about 25-32 lbs. The weight gain is different for twins, or for patients who are overweight or have medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes.
Depends. Weight gain in pregnancy depends on which trimester you are in and what your starting weight is. For a normal weight person gain 2-3 pounds every 4 weeks then after 20 weeks gain 4 pounds every 4 weeks is good. This would total 25-35 pounds.
In pregnancy? It's difficult to say in that early on weight may drop. We look at weight over time, 25-35 pounds throughout the pregnancy being optimal for a person of normal weight. 15 pounds is what we look for in an overweight person.